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It’s that time!  The holiday season is happening soon whether we’re ready or not (I’m never ready!).  I went on a shopping spree and found the most AMAZING gifts for knitters and crocheters – those lovely people who keep you nice and toasty in the winter!

As a yarny type person myself, I always appreciate getting handmade presents.  When I receive a gift and find out it came from Etsy, it makes my heart smile!  I love supporting other makers I know, and it is so thoughtful that my friends and family remember that when they’re out shopping for me.

While I was shopping, I made a list for you.  I’ve broken the list into categories to make it easier for you to jump around (just click the link to zoom to the category).

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters!

I hope you love this list of handmade gifts for knitters and crocheters!  I had SO much fun hopping all over Etsy and being your personal shopper!  😉

If you sell handmade items that would be nice gifts for people who play with yarn, please feel free to drop a link to your shop or item in the comments!  I’d love to support your business too!

If you need gift ideas for other people on your shopping list, check out Etsy’s Editors’ Picks – they make it super-easy for you to find just the right gift for everyone you love!


It’s impossible to knit or crochet without the basics.  Chances are good that your favorite knitter or crocheter is well stocked with the basics.  These, however, are extra special things they probably wouldn’t splurge on for themselves.

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

Couldn’t you just live in Katrinkle’s Etsy shop!?!  I literally love everything in her store!  I first found Katrinkle when someone posted her DIY sweater ornament on Instagram.  When I went over to Etsy to investigate further, I found this knitting needle gauge,  buttons and a hedgehog floss organizer and gauge swatch rulers, and they are all amazing!

These sweater stitch markers are EVERYTHING!  Snag free and made from lightweight plastic, they won’t slow your knitting down.  Bonus:  they come on a bulb safety pin which you can pin right to your project! (Check out the giraffes and birds while you’re in this shop – adorbs!)

Sushi makes my heart sing!  Bead passion’s sushi stitch markers have such amazing detail they look like the real thing!

Crocheters!  Check out these bulb stitch markers!  I am clumsy so locking stitch markers are a must for me, and they’re so tiny I lose at least ten a day.  These are perfect:  less likely to get lost, and who wouldn’t want to have a macaron handy at all times?

Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe this hand-forged, sterling silver spiral stitch marker.  This gorgeousness would make you the envy of all the women in your knitting circle!

NEED this organizing workstation.  All of my crochet tools are stored in a giant jumble in a basket.  I can never find a G hook and I have at least 8 of them.  Stitch markers?  Forget it.  Gone.

This hand-turned, ergonomic crochet hook made of tulipwood is gorgeous!  The artist also donates $1 from the sale of each hook to the Plant A Billion Trees Campaign operated by The Nature Conservancy – so you’ll also plant a tree in Brazil with this gift.

Personalized knitting needles!  How cool!

Project Bags

Yarnies cannot have too many bags, which makes them a perfect gift for knitters or crocheters.   We use every bag we can get our hands on to store our projects!  Ziplock bags, shoe bags, tote bags…chances are if you need a bag for anything in the house, you’ll have to take yarn out of it before you can use it.

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

I love this dumpling bag!  It’s a large project bag, and can hold at least 8 skeins of yarn.  The closure is a strap hanging through a grommet, so it opens up nice and wide and doesn’t have fasteners to catch on your yarn.  So clever!

Science for the win!  It’s really hard to keep your interchangeable knitting needles in order, and if you’re like me, you can never find your needle gauge so you end up making a hat with a six 6 tip and a size 8 tip.  This needle wallet is perfecto!

We’re huge fans of the Lorax in this house, and this Thneed project bag cracks me up!  Made to hold one skein of yarn, this would be perfect for a small project or tucking into your purse for knit night.

AH!  I can so relate to this!  A bag that both stores your socks and serves as a warning to everyone around you is perfect!

If you are like me, you have a zillion WIPs scattered through as many project bags.  You don’t have to guess which project is in which bag with this clear drawstring tote!

This hand-stamped goat project bag is ADORABLE!  I actually love everything in her shop.  Hand-stamped fabrics really sing to me right now.

Movie monsters are so creepy cute!  I love the long straps on this large tote, and it can be customized to be larger, or have a key ring or pockets attached.

This bucket bag is super cool!  It stands up, has pockets on the outside for needles and notions, and a shoulder strap.  She’s thought of everything!

Small zippered pouches are a must have for people who play with yarn!  They’re like little escape pods for stitch markers and scissors and needles.  I LOVE this Sheep Thrills pouch!


Ok.  Here’s where you have to play just pretend.  Pretend your favorite knitter or crocheter doesn’t have too much yarn and have a look at these!  Just like with tools, we usually have our basics covered and extra special hand-dyed or handspun yarn would be a nice surprise!

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

Those blues and purples…Time Warp by Dyeabolical Yarns is so yummy!  It’s available on a bunch of different yarn bases, so you can wear it on your toesies *and* make a matching hat!

Cork yarn would be a fantastic gift for an adventurous crocheter!  I’ve never seen it before, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with.

Mind the Gap self-striping sock yarn has such happy colors!  Bonus:  it’s a superwash yarn so if the socks accidentally end up in the washer, they’ll be a-ok.

I love how this red and turquoise handspun looks festive but not over-the-top Christmas!  What a fantastic color combination.

A three month subscription to Snailyarn’s sock club would be a fantastic gift for someone who loves knitting socks!  I kind of want in even though I haven’t knitted a sock in years.

I have such a soft spot for art yarn.  It isn’t practical, is fairly expensive, but man, is it gorgeous!  I can’t think of what I would use this yarn for but I know I want it in my stash.

More art yarn – mermaid garden!

Crazy art yarn with felted koi scattered throughout!

Ok ok last one.  Gypsy Garden rainforest art yarn with sequins and flowers and such.  SO beautiful!



Every yarny type person could use a little bling!  All the better if we can wear our hobby!

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

I love Stefanie’s crocheted wire jewelry (and on top of doing amazing work, she’s a fantastic person!).  I could do a whole post about how amazing and intricate her work is!  This statement necklace is one of my favorite pieces.  And her feather necklaces are just gorgeous!

This hand-forged brass cat shawl pin is so sweet!  What a lovely accent piece for an earth-toned shawl or scarf!

Rings are my favorite kind of jewelry.  I always wear too many of them and they probably don’t match, but they make me happy.  This handmade, sterling silver ring embedded with crochet texture is on my “I must have it now” list.

This modern black and white ringed necklace is really stunning.  I think it would look fantastic with a little black dress!

How adorable is this tiny crochet tree ring?!?!?  SO CUTE.

In case of emergency, just break glass!  The tiny skeins of yarn…the tiny knitting needles…this necklace is awesome!

If earrings are your thing, these hand-stamped knit/purl earrings are perfect!

This brass knitting brooch is fantastic!  The knitting needles are made from nails, which I never would have guessed until I read the description.

Sheepy shawl pins are the best ever!  This sterling silver one is supercute, and can be customized with a bead or gemstone in the middle.


Crocheting and knitting is thirsty work.  Mugs and wine glasses are perfect gifts for knitters or crocheters to contain their beverage of choice!

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

I had no idea walking mugs were a thing until I saw this.  I’m not sure I understand it but it is so funny I have fallen in love with the idea!

If I can’t bring my yarn, I’m not going.  So true.

Yep.  I can relate to this.

I’m good at counting….until someone talks to me.  😉

Knotty hookers, this mug is for you!

Or this if you prefer wine.

Entertaining knitters, these wine charms are perfect for your holiday gatherings!

We have a cat who will only drink water out of a glass, preferably the one I am currently drinking out of.  She’s a little spoiled.  🙂   I might pick these glasses up for her so I know for sure not to drink out of it.

The mantra of all yarnies on the go!

Yarn Containment

Balls of yarn rolling across the floor is the nemesis of knitters and crocheters.  And also, those skeins multiply like angora bunnies.  Keeping yarn organized and close at hand is the key to yarny success.

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

The award for the most unusual yarn bowl goes to this baby head!

Is your house stuffed to the gills with yarn like this one?  Such a supercute way to store miniskeins and sock yarn!

Helpful sheep will help you while you are knitting.  The two holes in the bowl to store your knitting needles mid-project is very clever.

This fabric storage bag is adorable and portable!

Pottery yarn bowls are so pretty.  The teal glaze on this one is gorgeous, and it is large enough to hold a big skein of yarn.

For extra large project storage, this rag basket is perfect!

With is it with putting feet on everything?   This footed yarn bowl would be a great partner for the walking mug!

Who wouldn’t want a cute hedgie yarn bowl?

The glaze on this yarn bowl is so pretty!


Does your favorite knitter or crocheter love t-shirts?  These are fantastic!

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

Want people to leave you alone while you’re knitting?  There’s a shirt for that.

Hook ninja!  Love it haha!

Knitting is great stress relief, and also other people’s safety.

Gentlemen knitters, this shirt is for you!

Nope, no permit needed to carry this 9mm.

Coffee + cats + crochet = happy hooker.

This kitties tee is the cat’s meow.


Everyone could use a little bling!


Crochet and knitting designers need a cute place to make notes and doodle up ideas.  These notebooks are just the thing.

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

I am a HUGE fan of Urban Monkey Designs’s work and you need to go check out her videos.  Watching her make these is mesmerizing!  I’m having her make a custom design for me (I can’t wait to show you!).

The grannies on this handmade notebook are so sweet!

A notebook made with polymer clay covers!  How cool!

Need somewhere to make notes on your WIPs when you are away from Ravelry?  This WIP-O-PEDIA is a fantastic idea!

This laser cut wood journal is really unique.

The colors on this knitted rainbow notebook are so cheerful!

You can get this knitted journal personalized.  Bonus:  this one has an envelope in the back for storing receipts and such.

When I’m designing amigurumi, I like to sketch out my ideas on graph paper so I can keep proportions straight.  This notebook is filled with graph paper and has a pretty woven fabric design on the cover.

Journals with Coptic stitch binding are so pretty!  I love the giant cables on this notebook!

Home Décor

These gifts for knitters or crocheters will help them decorate their favorite crafting corner!

81 Perfect Handmade Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

I’d love to have this watercolor yarn print for my office!

Anyone who has cats can probably relate to this!  Cats are so helpful!

If you ever wondered how yarn was made back in the 1800s, this antique print has your answer.

This pretty print pretty much sums up a day in the life of a knitter.

Do you love anthropomorphic animals like I do?  This ewe is knitting!

Magritte parodies are always appropriate.

This set of six vintage crochet patent prints would be a perfect gift for a crocheting lawyer.

Poor goat!  She’s being yarn bombed by sparrows!

Knitting is sometimes exactly like tightrope walking.

Let’s Talk About It!

Are you a maker who creates handmade gifts for knitters or crocheters?  Please drop a link in the comments!  I’m all about crowdsourcing gift ideas and I’d love to help support your business, too!

Please feel free to share this list of gifts for knitters or crocheters with your family and friends if they need some helpful hints!  😉

This is the only list you'll need this year for handmade gifts for crocheters and knitters for the holidays!


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