Hi! I’m Jennifer, also known as Jensalittleloopy.  Nice to meet you!

I’m a hooker, knitter, writer, stitcher, baker, writer, monster slayer, chef, mama, craft hoarder, paralegal, and all around disorganized mess.

I’ve been known as a nerdy weirdo most of my life and am totally ok with that.





Anatomy of a Nerdy Weirdo, ca. 1993 when none of these things were cool.

Anatomy of a Nerdy Weirdo, ca. 1993 when none of these things were cool.


We always seem to have something going into the oven when laundry should be getting done….yarn on the needles when dishes should be getting cleaned….trains and Legos sprawled across the floor when teeth should be getting brushed.

There are are never enough hours in the day to do All of the Things, and my default is “do fun stuff” interspersed with occasional flurries of “get grownup shit done.”   Seems to be working so far.005

Yarn is my most favorite thing ever!  I also love books, especially vintage cookbooks. Owls tickle my fancy, as do turtles and hedgehogs and birds and groundhogs.  I dig playing with cameras.

I also love cartoons and kawaii and silliness and sunshine and color and run on sentences.

I’m basically an overgrown kid.




I like to pretend I am a mermaid sometimes, but am actually terrified of deep water.






This is my husband.  He is very tolerant of shenanigans.



And here is my youngest sidekick.  He’s a lot of fun.







Most of the time.  Sometimes he is not so fun.  Kids are like that.




I’m a mama of three amazing boys, three annoying cats, and a turtle who will outlive us all. We live in Suburbia, New Jersey.





When I’m not running around with the boys, crafting, or working at my full-time profession, you can find me with my nose stuck in a book, out taking photos, or off having an adventure somewhere. Preferably somewhere warm with lots of mountains and waterfalls.


But wherever I am, you can bet I have yarn and some hooks with me. Just in case.





Thanks for hanging out with me in my corner of the Internet, please say hello, I don’t bite!

But watch out for this one, he’s bitey:

WOOOHOOOO I love making messes!

WOOOHOOOO I love making messes!






















Want to chat?  Email me at [email protected] or message me through the comment box below.




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