Hearts for Hillary

The muscles in my arms were tense last night, gripping my wine glass with a fury I feared would cause it to shatter in my hand.  The urge to throw things overwhelmed me as I watched the election returns come in.

I put my glass down, reclined on the sofa, and fell asleep while I was still certain that Hillary would pull ahead.

My dreams were a restless jumble.  We lived in a shack near a creek, wooden boardwalks joining our small homes together.  We needed to flee.  My husband and son were already gone, but I had stayed behind to grab our necessities.  Someone was hunting for me, and I hid under a pickup truck.  In my haste to hide I had left my satchel on the splintered picnic table behind our shack, and the wind blew our papers across the marsh.  The footfalls hunting me ran toward the papers.  They knew where I was and my only choice was to run and leave our life behind.

I woke up before I had a chance to come out of hiding.

Trump had effectively won.

Our country chose fear.

hearts for hillary

Today, I choose love.

Let’s lovebomb Hillary Clinton to let her know how grateful we are for all that she’s done for us.  She has fought for us so long and so hard, running a marathon backwards and in heels for us, all the time remaining focused on moving forward.

We must do the same for her, for us, for our country.  It’s our turn to pick up the torch and keep moving forward.

Won’t you join me in making some Hearts for Hillary?  If you crochet or knit, I’m linking some heart patterns below.  If you don’t play with yarn, you could use felt, paper, gift wrap, fabric — whatever you’ve got on hand.

Patterns You Might Use for Hearts for Hillary


Folk Art Heart

Heart with Hanging Loop

Heart Coaster

Grannie Heart


Sweetie Knit Heart

Domino Heart

Heart Dishcloth

Plushie Heart

There are loads of heart motif patterns on Ravelry and around the web, these are just a few that I really love.

Hearts for Hillary can be mailed here:

Hillary for America

Post Office Box 5256

New York, NY 10185-5256

Let’s Talk About It

Friends, please keep love and gratitude in your heart today, and remember these words from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.

I would love it if you made some Hearts for Hillary, and shared this with your friends.  If you make some hearts, please share them on social media with the hashtag #HeartsForHillary.

Let's send #HeartsForHillary to thank her for fighting for us.


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