Hi!  Welcome to Jen’s a Little Loopy!  I’m Jennifer, your hostess with the mostest.  It’s so kind of you to stop by my little corner of the interwebs.

I write about playing with yarn, crafting, and cooking retro recipes in order to:

  • help you channel your inner crafty goddess
  • encourage you to fearlessly embark on crafty misadventures


  • maybe even impart some inspiration and wisdom  😉

Sparks of joy and inspiration lurk in the most unexpected places — rough days, castaway objects that can be upcycled, recipes in dusty old cookbooks, crafty somethings or others that can be used in a new and unexpected way…maybe even hiding in that bin of craft supplies shoved in the back of your closet.

Here you’ll find patterns, recipes, little life lessons I learn as I move through my creative space, and yes, even failures! Especially failures.  Awesome things are built on making lots and lots of mistakes and it is totally ok to have a laugh at my expense!  If I can’t serve as a good example, I’ll at least be a horrible warning.

Without further ado, let’s get CRAftY!

Looking for patterns?  They’re right here!

Want to talk retro recipes?  Of course you do!

Stuck in a crafty rut?  This post might help.

Stream of conscious ramblings about life, the universe, and everything (a/k/a the blog in reverse chronological order) —————> this way.

To learn more about what makes this chick tick and for contact info, visit my About page.





Hey there, beautiful!

Hey there, beautiful! I'm so happy you're here! Let's go do something crazy!

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