How to Succeed at NaBloPoMo

Congratulations bloggers!  You have made it to the end of NaBloPoMo!  Give yourself a hand and go grab a fruity cocktail!  😉

When I signed up for NaBloPoMo, it was a spur of the moment, “sure, why not?” kind of decision.  I had zero plans for making it happen, but I was willing to try.  It was a great learning experience!

I didn’t post every day in November, or even on half of the days.  I’m totally ok with that, and here’s why.

What I Learned from NaBloPoMo

  1. A crafty blogger needs to go into NaBloPoMo with a solid editorial calendar. If the posts involve making things, they’d better be done before November.  This is one area where I fell flat on my face.  I did only three crafty posts!  I can barely even call myself a crafty blogger this month haha!


  1. I really enjoy writing political posts. I have always enjoyed writing long form researched posts, but didn’t do them because they were way off topic for this blog space.  I gave permission to myself this month to go off script, and I am glad I did.


  1. A blog post a day is a lot more work than it sounds like it would be. Writing is the easy part!  All the other work – graphics, social media promotion, networking with other bloggers – is super time-consuming.


  1. Making time to write at the same time every day is the best way to create a writing habit. Even on the days I didn’t post, I did a LOT of writing.  I like to write from 5 a.m. until 11 a.m.  It was tough to write regularly because I didn’t have a routine, but I am ending this month with a solid writing habit.  I don’t even have to think about it anymore.  Wake up.    Write.


  1. Attempting NaBloPoMo while engaging in daily activities can be a real challenge. I knew blogging every day while taking a crash course in project management was a little ambitious, but I had no idea that course would eat my soul.  If you want to succeed at NaBloPoMo, I highly recommend cooking a month of meals in October.  😉


  1. Editing is everything – not just for typos and grammar mistakes, but also for content. I love words and use too many of them most of the time.  This month I put a lot of effort into refining my writing technique, and it shows.


What I Will Do Differently Next NaBloPoMo

  1. Have an editorial calendar. I’m developing one now because I have more ideas than time.  My organizational system fell apart while I was taking classes because there was just SO much work.


  1. Create some sort of month long structure – maybe a four week crochet along or a series of small holiday projects. Maybe a month of stitch patterns?  I am planning this now for next year.  😉


  1. Stay on topic. I love writing about things other than crafting, but they’re not the best fit for this blog.  Perhaps by this time next year I will have a second blog for my freelance writing activities.


  1. Dig deep. There were a few days I didn’t post because I was lazy.  “I don’t feel like it” is not an excuse to skip writing.

My Big NaBloPoMo Wins

It’s impossible not to succeed at NaBloPoMo.  Writing a post a day is a great goal!  Even though I didn’t meet that specific goal, there were things that went really well.

I am really proud of the election related posts I wrote.  This one and this one were not easy to write, but I’m glad I did it.  I’m happy to be moving away from such personal topics, though.

One of my crafty posts was a really good one!  I LOVE how this hat turned out and I can’t wait to see other people’s finished projects.

This gift guide for knitters and crocheters was a labor of love – I spent about 10 hours on it finding unique gifts, creating the images, and putting it all together.  I had fun playing personal shopper, but maybe the next time I do this it won’t be such a huge list.  😉

I had fun writing this motivational post and creating some images for everyone.

When I wasn’t writing, I was putting effort into my blog – the design, freelance writing, and social media.  Everything is in a much better place than it was at the beginning of the month, and I have started getting all kinds of fun opportunities to work with other bloggers, websites, and companies.  Putting full time work into my blog was totally worth it.

Let’s Talk About It!

I’ve had a nice time hopping all over the Internet to read your blogs and am so happy to have met you all!   I am so looking forward to getting back to my much slower blogging pace.  (Please stay in touch at the bottom of this post!)

Even though I didn’t post every day, I’m calling my experience with NaBloPoMo a success because I learned so many things!  =)

How did NaBloPoMo go for you?


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