I’m Jennifer, and I’m a little loopy.

There are too many crafts in the universe and not enough time. And this girl loves All. Of. Them.

Things I love in no particular order: my husband and my three kiddos (ok this one is in order), my family (this one is in order too!), crochet, baking, words, books, Jello, writing, being a paralegal, run-on sentences, helping people, planning, cooking, painting with watercolors, Tool, drawing, knitting, blogging, pretending I’m Martha, pretending I’m Julia, grammar, leggings, boots, dogs, pumpkin spice, coffee, wine, cheese, macaroni and cheese, babies, collecting copper Jello molds and vintage cookbooks, Radiohead, adverbs, amigurumi, anything kawaii, Pyrex, sushi, Halloween, yogurt, thrift stores, can you tell I’m hungry?, Sculpey clay, alpacas, video games (especially Yoshi and Mario and Kirby and the Legend of Zelda and World of Warcraft), magazines from the UK, The Great British Baking Show, Stranger Things, Downton Abbey, podcasts…

This is why I’m loopy. Trying to contain all the things I love in the tiny little space that is my life is like trying to stuff an angry octopus into a plastic bag.

I’m glad you’re here, and I sooooo so hope you can relate to this sort of being all over the place craftwise and lifewise thing.

On Jen’s a Little Loopy, I mostly talk about crochet, crafting, and my super popular how to save money on yarn updates. Every once in a while I might throw you a curveball, but I promise to warn you first.

I created this corner of the Internet because I hate to weave in yarn ends and sew amigurumi pieces together.

(For reals, yarn ends are the bane of my existence and I have no idea how people make symmetrical amigurumi if they have more than three pieces.)

Most of the patterns you’ll find here are:

  • easy enough for beginners;
  • have as few pieces as possible;
  • use US crochet terms and follow the Craft Yarn Council’s pattern standards as closely as possible;
  • use yarn and tools you can find in your local craft store; and
  • are so stinkin’ cute your kids, grandkids, and kids at heart will love them.

We’re mostly yarny here, but you’ll also find some arts and crafts too. The navigation bar at the top right will lead you straight to the topic you’d like to read about.

I also love to scoot around the Internet and find cool things to show you, like these roundup posts:

I hope by hanging out here you feel empowered and encouraged to embark on crafty misadventures with me!

Make messes.

Embrace failure.

Take on too many projects at once.

Have too many hobbies.

Get your family, friends, and co-workers involved in creating.

Learn something new.

Put the cray in crafty.

Want to find me elsewhere on the Internet?  Here’s how:

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  • Twitter (@jensalilloopy) Someone please explain Twitter to me I don’t really like it but I’m there because I’m supposed to be. Enthusiastic run-on sentences are not compatible with a 280 character limit.

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