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Hugamonster is an emergency monster. One of my kiddos is having a rough time and I had this feeling that I just needed to stop everything else I was doing and make something for him. I wasn’t sure what to make, but I wanted it to say, “I’m here for you. I love you. We’ll get through this.”

I picked some yarn from my stash and Hugamonster is what came off the hook.

Hugamonster Crochet Pattern

I wasn’t intending to write a pattern when I started, but made a few notes to keep track of where I was in case I needed to undo something. I’m glad I did, because Smalls asked for a Hugamonster when he saw the one I made for his big brother.

Hugamonster is a really quick and easy amigurumi, so it’s a perfect emergency crochet project for someone who really needs a hug.


Hugamonster is crocheted in continuous rounds from the top of its head down. The body is all one piece, and the only sewing you’ll have to do is embroidering a mouth and attaching the bottoms of the feet. It’s a confident beginner level pattern, but I took some photos to help you through the one tricky part (the arms).

Be sure to stuff your Hugamonster firmly if it’s going to get played with. 🙂

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Red Heart Super Saver Stripes – I used Parrot Stripe and Favorite Stripe for my Hugamonsters. This yarn is still pretty hard to find in my area, so when I see it I grab as much as a I can. The colors are AHHHHHmazing!
  • If self-striping yarn isn’t your cuppa, you could also make a rainbow Hugamonster! Here are some rainbow yarn ideas to get you started!
  • Size G Crochet Hook
  • Safety eyes in your favorite size – I used 12 mm
  • Bit of black embroidery floss
  • Small bit of cardboard

Hugamonster Body/Arms/Legs

Don’t let the number of rows scare you! This is basically all one piece, you’ll just be breaking and joining yarn three times – once for the second leg and twice for the arms.

Before you start hooking, check out photos below which show how to make the arms and legs. =)

  1. Make a magic loop
  2. sc 6 into magic loop (6)
  3. inc around (12)
  4. sc 1, inc around (18)
  5. sc 2, inc around (24)
  6. sc 3, inc around (30)
  7. sc 4, inc around (36)
  8. sc 5, inc around (42)
  9. sc around
  10. sc around
  11. sc around
  12. sc 6, inc around (48)
  13. sc around
  14. sc around
  15. sc around
  16. sc around
  17. sc around
  18. sc 7, inc around (54)
  19. sc around
  20. If you haven’t done so already, pull the magic loop closed tightly, weave in end, and trim the yarn.
  21. Here’s where you split the row into sections for arm, body, and arm: sk 12 sts, sc 15, sk 12 sts, sc 15 (30) *see photo below
  22. Continue working in rounds for the body section (middle) sc around (30)
  23. sc around
  24. sc around
  25. sc around
  26. sc around
  27. sc around
  28. sc around
  29. sc around
  30. sc around
  31. sc around
  32. sc around
  33. sc around
  34. sc around
  35. sc around
  36. sc around
  37. Insert your safety eyes if you’re using them.
  38. Insert stuffing into head and body.
  39. Now we’re going to split this row into two legs: sc 12, sk 15 sts, insert hook into st after the 15th skipped st, sc 3 (15)
  40. sc around (15)
  41. sc around
  42. sc around
  43. sc around
  44. sc around
  45. sc around
  46. sc around
  47. Break yarn, weave in end.
  48. For the second leg, leaving a long tail for sewing, sl st yarn to the back of 2nd leg opening and sc 15 around
  49. Use the beginning tail to sew up any gap between the legs, weave in the end, and trim yarn end.
  50. sc around (15)
  51. sc around
  52. sc around
  53. sc around
  54. sc around
  55. sc around
  56. sc around
  57. Break yarn, weave in end.
  58. Now you’re going to work on the arms. Leaving a long tail for sewing, sl st yarn to the back of an arm opening and sc 12 around
  59. Use the beginning tail to sew up any gap between the arm and body, weave in the end, and trim yarn end.
  60. sc around for 20 rows (12)
  61. sc 2, dec around
  62. dec around
  63. Break yarn, weave in end.
  64. Repeat instructions 58 through 63 for the second arm.
  65. Insert stuffing into arms and legs.

Free Hugamonster Crochet Monster Pattern Free Hugamonster Crochet Monster Pattern Free Hugamonster Crochet Monster PatternFree Hugamonster Crochet Monster Pattern Free Hugamonster Crochet Monster PatternFree Hugamonster Crochet Monster Pattern

Bottom of Feet (make 2)

  1. Make a magic loop.
  2. sc 6 into magic loop
  3. inc around (12)
  4. sc 2, inc around (16)
  5. Break yarn, leave long tail for sewing.


  • On the cardboard, draw to circles by tracing a quarter, and then cut them out. You will use these to stabilize the bottom of Hugamonster’s feet so they stay flat. Tuck the cardboard circles in before you stitch the feet bottoms on.
  • Sew bottoms of feet onto Hugamonster.
  • Embroider mouth or whatever details you’d like.
  • Enjoy your Hugamonster!

Hugamonster Crochet Monster Pattern


There are lots of ways you can modify Hugamonster to make it yours! You could make it taller or shorter by modifying the torso or legs. You could make the arms longer and not stuff them so they’re extra floppy. You could crochet embellishments or sew on beads or hair.

You could even bust out that fun fur from 2008 that’s buried under your yarn stash somewhere. 😉

We’ve been having lots of fun with our Hugamonster. Smalls decided we needed to take turns hiding Hugamonster for each other to find. Those extra long arms sure came in handy!

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Hugamonster free monster crochet pattern

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